Weekend Wrap Up+Zoo Boo

houston zoo boo

Happy Monday! I’m sitting in my office with a warm cup of coffee and going through my emails. I was off on Friday, and the emails haven’t piled up too extensively, which is a win. We had ourselves a jam packed little weekend full of some really fun things (like Houston Zoo Boo), so let’s get to it.


I took a day off on Friday to have some photos taken of the puppies. Sawyer and Buttercup were in our engagement pictures, and I’ve never regretted having some really beautiful photos taken of our dogs. So, I wanted to do that again while the puppies were still looking like pups. And they served some lewks!!!!! I can’t wait to see the final products, and I am most looking forward to having them framed on my walls.

dog photographer

I would say there were pretty well behaved for puppies. Cali liked the camera a lot more than Tex, but the photographer was able to snap some really cute shots. I can’t wait to share.

dog photographer

After our little photoshoot adventure, I went in for my monthly facial. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to correct some hyperpigmentation and sun damage, so we did a green powder peel. It’s a type of chemical peel that uses all natural ingredients to slough away that dead skin – and promote new, healthy skin.

houston facial | green powder peel

My face was red and tingly afterwards, and I really haven’t had much peeling – just mainly on my chin. So far so good.

And, the Houston Astros played Friday night to clench their spot in the World Series. We went to watch the game at a bar with some friends, and I loved to see the ‘Stros win. I had never been a big baseball gal until I moved to Houston a decade ago, and I’m not a tried and true Astros fan. I love them all, and we love to go to the games.


Saturday morning breakfast

I did TONS of chores on Saturday. I woke up and got to work. We had tons of laundry to get through. I wanted to mop my floors and do some cleaning around the house. I had a bunch of stuff that needed to get put back in its place, and I just had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get checked off my to do list.

I started the morning off with some pumpkin bagels from Trader Joes – half with an egg on top, and the other half with some strawberry cream cheese. On a side note, I love me some pumpkin cream cheese, but I haven’t been able to find it at my normal grocery store.

houston golden retriever

I cuddled with the pups for a bit.

And then, I ran all the errands. I had to go to Trader Joes, Target and the grocery store. My main focus was securing some Halloween candy because we get a ton of trick-or-treaters! By the time I got through all of that, it was raining and time for dinner. We ordered in and were in bed by 11!



Yesterday we headed to church. Our pastor is preaching a new series in honor of the campaign our church just launched: Kainos. They have study guides for everyone, and I’m looking forward to learning more over the next couple of weeks.

Zoo Boo

After that, I haded down to the Houston Zoo for Zoo Boo with two of my girlfriends. Basically, the Houston Zoo decorates the zoo for Halloween. They also have a couple of special exhibits throughout. It was neat to see, and if you live in Houston, it’s worth checking out.

houston zoo boo

After that, we finished our night off with some dinner and some wine! The best end to a Sunday if you ask me.

elouan pinot noir

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