Work from home check-in and the best snacks


Happy work-from-home Wednesday! Shout out to my fellow remote workers on this fine Wednesday. Does anyone else lack the motivation to get up and away from their desk when the heat index is 100 outside? I knew I wouldn’t be alone on this. But, yesterday, I found myself in meetings all morning – even though I’m really trying to cut back on those back to back meetings – some are unavoidable. And, I’m trying my hardest to reevaluate meetings that I don’t necessarily need to be a part of – you know – those meetings that just somehow ended up on your calendar and have no end date in sight?

Steppin’ in to remote work

houston walk

Regardless, I found myself tethered to my Zoom camera for most of the morning, and by the time noon rolled around, I had to get up. I took advantage of a cloud cover (hey – we will take what we can get here in Houston), strapped on my running shoes, slathered on some sunscreen and took a meeting on the go. And, it felt so nice to be on the move. I realize that some meetings don’t lend themselves to a brief jaunt around the neighborhood. But, for those meetings where you don’t necessarily have to be on camera, it’s a great way to get a few steps in. I was able to get about three miles in!

And, while I wouldn’t refer to getting a walk in and taking a call at the same time a phenomenal form of self care, you have to get it in when you can. I know I felt better after knocking out some steps – and it helped me reset for the second half of my day.

I’ve got a team retreat coming up at the end of July that I’m looking forward to, and my fiscal year is quickly coming to an end at the close of August.

Lunches Lately

An area where I have been having some difficulty finding some inspiration is in my work from home lunches. I used to be able to pop over to my work cafeteria, and there were so many options. Now, I teeter between not wanting to make a big mess in my kitchen – and generally lacking in creativity. So, here’s what I’ve come up with….

working from home lunch inspiration

Some good ol’ nachos and an apple. Probably not my greatest attempt, but your girl was in a hurry!


Summer fruit is one of my favorite things. Give me all the ripe peaches, watermelons and pineapples! They are my favorite side with a sandwich. And honestly, that was a probably some turkey lunch meat with some Swiss – my favorite sandwich combo.


When I took my lunch into the office, I would often buy those salad kits – and add a protein. That really hasn’t changed much since I’ve been working from home. Although lately, I’ve been making my own salad creations instead of buying the kits. I added an English muffin with some peanut butter – and called it a day.


Another day, another salad. This time, I mixed in some chicken salad as my protein. Here’s the thing – I’m not a heavy lunch type of gal. So, a quick, simple lunch is the name of the game for me.

veggie wrap

These veggie wraps are a favorite of mine during the summer. They are quick and easy to assemble as well, and they also make a fab dinner option. In fact, that’s going to be on my menu for next week now that we are talking about it.


And…. when things get really busy, my go to order is a “you pick two” from Panera – and I have it delivered. I always have the mediterranean sandwich with the tomato soup.

So, I could use some new lunch inspiration. And, I’m interested about what you’ve got on your menu for a quick and easy lunch that doesn’t make a huge mess in the kitchen. I would like to up my sandwich game a bit that’s for sure.

Favorite snacks

Since this has turned completely into a food post, while my lunch game might be lacking – my snack game is strong. I’m the queen of work from home snacks. When I was in the office, I had the best snacks stashed away in my drawers. One of my favorite co-workers was a big Godiva fan, and he kept an entire drawerful. So, when things got stressful, I would pop into his office, and he would let me grab some Godiva from his stash!

Here are some of my favorite snacks that I’ve been loving lately.

steak strips

These are on my Costco rotation all the time. My husband loves them too. They are a good source of protein, and they are pretty tasty too.


These are some of my favorite pistachios. The chili flavoring is a bit spicy in the best way possible. These are also a Costco staple of mine.


Calling all my fellow cheese lovers. These are so good. The ranch is my favorite flavor. I like to stick these on my salads – or eat them plain!

parm crisps

This parm crisps mix is my favorite. I get this from (you guessed it) Costco.

watermelon and tajin

And finally, I love a fresh watermelon with some Tajin on the top. Told ya – my snack game is on point!

Okay, friends, that’s all I’ve got for you this Wednesday. I’ve got three hours of Zoom meetings ahead of me this morning, I’ve got my evaluation that needs to be completed, and I told my friend I would take a look at her resume!


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