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I'll be gone in the dark

Happy Friday and happy World Book Day! Ya’ll know that I love to read, and World Book Day is something that I discovered about two years ago thanks to a friend. Now, I want to share two of my current reads with you. I forgot who recommend this book to me, but it sure is an interesting read. I’m currently about halfway through “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer.” Any other true crime fans on here?

This book is a true story written by Michelle McNamara, a true-crime journalist, chronicling the Golden State Killer. This was the book that was the idea behind the HBO documentary series. It’s good. She had details and stories from most of the victims. What’s interesting, is that she died unexpectedly while she was writing the book, and her team was able to finish the book based on her notes. If you are a true crime fan, give this one a read.

Next up on my list of current reads is “Watch Me Disappear” by Janelle Brown. I’ve only just started this one, so I’ll be able to give you a more thorough review in a week or two, but it’s a story about a mom who vanishes during a hike. I’m excited about this one.

World Book Day

So now that I’ve told you about the books I’m currently reading, let’s talk about World Book Day. It was started by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization to promote reading different books from authors across the world. It’s celebrated on April 23rd. Now, if reading isn’t your thing, just scroll on by. If reading is your thing, get excited.

Amazon is giving away 10 free Kindle books from authors all across the globe in honor of World Book Day. Now, I know that Kindles aren’t for everyone. I personally enjoy reading hard copies of books, but I did download the Kindle app to my iPad, and it comes in handy when I’m traveling because it cuts back on things I’m lugging around with me.

So, I am an occasional Kindle reader. I have the Kindle unlimited membership where you have unlimited access to many of the books on Kindle each month. You can read more about the unlimited membership here.

You can access the ten free downloads here. But, here are the ten they are giving away:

10 Free Books

A Single Swallow
The book cover of Amora: Stories by Natalia Borges Polesso, translated from the Portuguese by Julia Sanches. The cover shows an evocative illustration of the bodies of two women in silhouette. While their nude bodies don’t touch, there is tension in their proximity. On a green background are painted abstract shapes that might be tree branches or river tributaries.
  • Brazil: Love Stories by Natalia Polesso
The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury
The Son and Heir: A Memoir
You, Me, and the Colors of Life
Return to the Enchanted Island: A Novel
Some Days by [María Wernicke, Lawrence Schimel]

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