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The Bachelorette Recap: Hometowns

The Bachelorette

We’ve made it to Hometowns on The Bachelorette (you can read recaps from previous weeks here). Michelle is down to four guys: Rodney, Joe, Nayte and Brandon. Hometowns are a bit different this time around due to the pandemic, so Hometowns actually happen in Michelle’s hometown.

Brandon’s hometown


Brandon is up first. We learn that his brother delayed going to the Navy to show up for his Hometown. I really like Brandon – he seems like such a happy guy. Michelle says that she can see herself falling in love with Brandon – so let’s see what he’s got planned. He’s from Portland, and he seems really close with his family. Brandon chooses skateboarding because it’s an activity that he started doing with his brother – and apparently his parents (so now I’m really looking forward to meeting his fam).

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Brandon’s family is precious. Noah is Brandon’s brother, and he expressed his concerns that Michelle is dating three other men. Valid, but have ya seen the show before, Noah? Noah asks Michelle if she can see herself with Brandon – and Michelle says (with certainty) that she 100% can. Brandon tells his mom that Michelle is his person, and Michelle is already talking about blending the two families together. So, I really hope these two could end up together.

Before they part ways, Michelle tells Brandon that she’s falling for him. I like Brandon – his skateboarding skills are questionable, but he seems all in. I’m team Brandon, and I hope this doesn’t end in heartbreak for him.

Rodney’s hometown


Michelle’s second hometown date is with Rodney. Now, let’s revisit Rodney’s entrance to the show. He’s the guy who dressed up like an apple, but he’s turned out to be a true gem. He just looks like a happy, quality guy. In true form, Rodney says he’s going to show Michelle an apple called “first kiss apple.”

The bachelorette

They are going to meet Rodney’s mom and stepdad. You can tell that Rodney really has a close relationship with his mom. Michelle says she can feel her relationship with Rodney going stronger and stronger, but she doesn’t go as far to as to say that she’s falling for him. Oh no – I’m thinking this doesn’t bode well for Rodney.

I love that Rodney and his mom, Carrie, are best friends. Mama knows best, and Carrie goes to town asking Michelle the hard hitting questions. And let’s take a second to appreciate our Bachelorette. Michelle is always so well spoken and genuine in her responses. His family is also concerned that Michelle is dating three other men.

Rodney also admits that he’s falling in love with Michelle. So now we are two for two.

Joe’s hometown

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Joe’s hometown is next, and for him, it’s a true hometown since he grew up in Minnesota. Joes is always kind of the one I worry about. I hope that he’s able to really open up and express how he feels. He takes Michelle to his high school, and he throws her a prom, which is the cutest. He had never been to prom before, and Michelle was the last person picked by prom. So, this whole prom date is really sweet. Michelle shares that Joe hasn’t yet said that he’s falling for her.

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Michelle is going to meet Joe’s mom, dad, brother and his brother’s wife, Hanna. I see where Joe gets his quiet demeanor from: it’s his dad and his brother. The Coleman men are a quiet bunch when they are nervous.

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Hanna, the sister-in-law, is all of us. She’s asking if Joe’s in love, if he’s ready to propose – god bless Hanna. But, you know what, she gets him to open up! Before they leave, Joe shares with Michelle that he’s falling in love with her. Oh boy. Now, we are three for three. Michelle’s got some tough decisions ahead of her.

Nayte’s hometown


Last, but not least, we have Nayte’s hometown. I’m having a hard time figuring Nayte out. He seems so go with the flow, that I can’t tell how seriously invested he is in Michelle. I’m interested to see how he is with his family, because it’s telling.

He’s from Austin, so he’s taking Michelle paddleboarding for their date. He shares that his family wasn’t the type to be really open with their emotions when Nayte was growing up, and Michelle will be the first girl to meet Nayte’s family.

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Nayte’s mom and stepdad are meeting Michelle. They divorced about a year ago, but Nayte and his stepdad have a close relationship, so he showed up. Nayte’s mom expresses her concerns that Nayte has never really gotten serious with a girl. He tells his mom that he’s not 100% ready to propose. Meanwhile, Michelle sits down with Nayte’s stepdad, who seems surprised that Nayte is so happy. He also shares that he’s not sure if Nayte could get to the point of an engagement.

Rose ceremony

Serena P. and Bri, who appeared with Michelle on Matt’s season show up to pick Michelle’s brain about where she stands. Michelle seems conflicted. She’s got four great guys, and they have all expressed that they are falling for her.

I’m sad that she needs to say goodbye to one of these men, because they all seem like true gems. This might be my favorite final four group of men ever in the history of The Bachelorette. Brandon gets a rose. Nayte gets a rose. And we are down to Rodney and Joe. I’m going to be sad to say goodbye to either one of these men. Joe gets the final rose, which means Rodney has to leave. He’s such a classy guy – he isn’t angry, he doesn’t question her decision, he listens and he’s thoughtful. And, he thanks Michelle for the experience. What a class act! Can we see Rodney back on our screens sometime soon?


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