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Happy Monday + Backyard Update

Target Kaufmann dining set

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was super relaxing, which is exactly what we needed. The weather was raining on and off all weekend, which is a great excuse to stay in. We slept in late, got some errands done and went to church yesterday morning. It was fabulous.

I thought it would be fun to give you an update on our backyard, because I’ve added some more pieces since I last shared. We are doing some work on the grass, but my furniture for the summer is all in. Here is what our backyard looks like :

dinosaur pool float

We got four posts in the backyard that were left by the owners, and I’m just not quite sure what we are going to do with those. We might take them down completely, but we’ve also talked about building a pergola. But, aside from that and getting our grass to a good spot, we love the yard.

outdoor dining furniture

My outdoor dining furniture arrived last week, and we spent Friday night putting it all together. I’ve been on the hunt for an outdoor dining table for awhile. I’ve had my eye on some sets for Restoration Hardware, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune. So, Target actually has some decent dupes, and I went down the rabbit hole and found one for like 1/10th the price of a RH set. So, without further ado…. here is the set we picked out.

Target Kaufmann dining set

And here is another view:

Target Kaufmann dining set

My chairs aren’t styled in the photos because we were expecting rain, and it was late. So, I’ll have to show you a fully styled photo once I put the cushions on, but we love it. I love the look and feel of the chairs, and the color is great. The pieces feel very sturdy, and I think we will be able to spend some nice dinners out here with friends and family! I bought the Kaufmann set from Target.

Now, the actual table was out of stock forever. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile, and I eventually signed up for the alerts. I bought it as soon as I received the notification that the table was back in stock. Now, I am going to buy a cover because we live in Houston, and it rains all the time. But, it seemed to hold up well with the rain we got this weekend. I just went and dried it off each morning.

Pool Chaise Loungers

I also wanted to some chaise lounges to put by the pool. And who knew that they would also be a pretty pricey piece of furniture to add to your backyard. I honestly had sticker shock because some of these things are more expensive than furniture you would buy for inside your house. So, I’ve been on the lookout since we bought the house. Overstock had an outdoor furniture sale about a month ago, so I got pretty motivated to find us some lounge chairs.

Now, if you have a lounge chair, you need a table to set your drink on. But, I found some loungers that have a sliding table, and they have wheels so I can easily move them around the yard. I did a lot of research on them, and I actually own a rug that was made by the same brand, so I know the quality is good. These are the ones I decided on:

safavieh pool lounge chair

Ignore the lack of cushion on that second chair. I’m storing the cushions in the garage until we officially open our pool up for summer. The chairs are fabulous quality, and I love the color of the cushions and the chairs. The covers of the cushions zip off so you can wash them, which is great. Here is a photo of the built-in table:

safavieh pool lounge chair

Aaron and I both love them and can’t wait to try them out (hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks). These are the ones I bought.

I’m excited to be ready for pool season!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’ve got so.many.meetings. on my schedule this week. It’s kind of wild 🙂


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