Weekend wrap-up + a puppy playdate

Happy Monday! However you started off your day, I hope it sets the tone for your week. Will your week be productive? Relaxing? Will you knock some items off of that to-do list? As for me, I’m thinking that my week will be a mixture of business – and pleasure. But, before I get too ahead of myself, I’ll share what we were up to this last weekend. Spoiler alert: it includes a puppy playdate.


dentist appointment | wellness day

I took a Wellness Day on Friday, and I stacked several medical appointments that I’ve been needing to go to. I started my day off at the dentist. I have a permanent baby tooth (there was never an adult tooth that grew in), and, unfortunately, I’m going to lose it at some point. So, my dentist and I went over some options – none of which sound incredibly fun. We don’t have to cross that bridge just yet, but it’s good to know what to expect.

facial | Houston

After the dentist, I headed over for my monthly facial. Since I knew I was turning 35 this year, it was sort of my gift to myself to start taking better care of my skin. I’ve been getting a facial every month for the last couple of months, and I am starting to notice a difference in my skin. I let the aesthetician do a custom facial, so she curates my appointments based on how my skin has been acting that last month. This time, we did a lactic acid peel, which is one of the mildest chemical peels. We also did some dermaplaning (yes ma’am) and a brow tint. As always, I left feeling like a whole new lady.

wellness day | houston

I finished up my day with a trip to the eye doctor. I was also due for a new pair of eyeglasses – especially since I’ve been staring at my computer screen now more than ever before. I’m not sure if that’s a great testament to my work life balance 🙂 I kind of chose a pair of glasses outside of the box, and I can’t wait until they are ready.

golden retriever puppy | Houston

We wrapped up our evening by taking a family friend of ours out to dinner and snugging with some pups!


Terry Hershey park | cycling

Since we were still enjoying the “cool front” in Houston, I thought it was the perfect time to hop back on the bikes. I took a bit of a hiatus this summer because it was so hot, so I opted for indoor exercise. But, the weather was around 80 on Saturday, and the humidity was essentially non-existent. We rode for 19 glorious miles, and it felt so good to be back in the saddle. Because it had been a hot minute since I’ve been on my bike, I was exhausted when we were finished.

After a protein smoothie and a shower, I was still in desperate need of a nap, but Aaron and I had some errands to run. So, off we went to run some errands, and I had about twenty minutes for a nap before…..

Damian's houston

We went out to dinner with two of our friends to Damian’s. I’ve been to Damian’s before for a rehearsal dinner several years ago, but it was a fixed menu, so I didn’t have a chance to really enjoy how delicious the food was. It was one of those dinners where they don’t rush you through your appetizers or drinks – and they just let you enjoy the meal. We started off with their homemade focaccia bread with the BG’s dip. The bread was the star of the show!

Then, we had some sweet potato ravioli, ricotta pesto gnocchi (need I say more) and some asparagus with scallops (one of their signature appetizers). I went with the shrimp Damian for my entree (garlic lemon shrimp) with some fettuccine Alfredo. Aaron had the lamb, our friends had lobster risotto and the veal marsala. This meal was delicious, and it’s a Houston staple!!!!


home sweet home

We woke up Sunday morning, and I got my backyard prepped. We’ve probably only got a couple of weekends that will be ideal for pool weather, so we invited some friends over to enjoy. I covered all of our pool furniture a couple of weeks ago for the hurricane, so I had to uncover it all again!

common bond houston

After that, we headed over to Common Bond (IYKYK) for some iced pumpkin spice lattes and pistachio croissant. They were sweet enough to give treats to the pups also.

golden retriever houston

Then, I had to run some more errands – thank God for grocery pick up!

The puppy playdate

home sweet home

We finished our afternoon off with friends, pool, a puppy playdate and some grilled burgers. Our friends brought their dog over to socialize with the puppies. Tex was cautious, but curious – and eventually warmed up. Cali wasn’t sure what to think about her large, furry visitor.

That sums up our weekend – hope your was as busy – or relaxed – as you needed it to be.


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