Friday Favorites – 9-02-2022

working from home

Happy Friday, friends. It’s good to be back here for a Friday Favorites after missing the last couple of weeks. I shared some fun things this week like the last part of the Cabo Bachelorette Party – and a full recap of our summer. We are headed out for a little fun this weekend with some friends as an early birthday celebration, so we will hit the road as soon as Aaron and I wrap up work. I’ll share all the details here on Monday.



It’s been raining a ton here in Houston, and I’ve never been more thankful for our garage gym and Peloton. Am I the same girl who swore by running outside only? It’s been so nice to pop out into the garage to get a run in on my Tread after I stop working for the evening.


And, this week, I completed my Century run! I was trying to work in a live class to do my century, but my schedule didn’t work out – so I ended up taking a pre-recorded class last Saturday and knocked it out.

New fiscal year

working from home

My fiscal year started yesterday without a whole lot of fanfare. I can’t decide if that’s a good indicator of what’s to come – or if the crazy is right around the corner. Regardless, working from home hits differently when you have cute puppies as co-workers.

Boot walk

Speaking of working from home, I’m co-captain of my Boot Walk team this year for work, so I’m ready to raise some money over the next couple of months for a good cause. We haven’t decided on an official fundraising goal, but I know that it will be at least $25,000!

Boot walk

And, as a bonus, the walk will be back in person this year!

Costco Finds

Costco find

I made a little trip to Costco a few days ago to stock up on some vitamins. And, I just can’t ever pass up the pet aisle. They have some really good toys, and the dogs are still in a stage where they love to play with toys. The Tuff Toys have lasted awhile, which is a feat in and of itself with these two. So, when I saw they had massive Tuff Toys, I had to grab one. How cute is this pig? The dogs love it.

golden retriever

They also had this trash can on sale for $60, and it’s normally $80. I didn’t grab it this time, but thought it was a good value!


Corazon Playero

Corazon Playero

When I was in Cabo – I also created a hat for my god-daughter, Layla. I was setting it aside this week to ship, and it’s so cute! She’s going to love it.

PSL Season

67 Fall & PSL Memes that Will Make You Laugh

While I’m not officially in fall mode, I guess I’m unofficially feeling some fall vibes. The PSL is back at Starbucks, and while I haven’t made it to get one just yet, you can bet that I’ll head that way for my birthday next week!

What I’m Reading

The Death of Mrs Westaway: Ware, Ruth: 9781911215035: Books

I finally started a new book this week, and it’s good so far. It’s by Ruth Ware who wrote “The Girl in Cabin 10,” which was a pretty good thriller I read awhile back. Stay tuned!

I’m off to wrap up my Friday so we can enjoy this nice, long weekend! Enjoy!


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