This time last year: St. Louis

St. Louis

I thought it would be fun to share today what Aaron and I were up to this time last year (spoiler alert: we were in St. Louis). At this point, we were starting to hear about the pandemic. Because I work in healthcare, we were beginning to start conversations about COVID-19, but it wasn’t full blown panic.

The Backstory

I’ve mentioned before that my husband owns a wholesale automotive company here in Houston. He also consults with clients nationwide. So, when I have the change to tag along, I have had the pleasure of meeting some really interesting people. Several years ago, I joined Aaron on a work trip to Chicago. It was an automotive conference, and I was going to join some of the other wives while the guys were in the meeting. I also wanted to pop in and hear Aaron speak, because I don’t get to do that every day.

The Londonhouse hotel
Here we are at the reception.

The first night we were there, there was a cocktail reception, and this guy came up to Aaron and I – and he introduced himself. His name was Brent. And throughout the weekend, he just kept running into us. I liked the guy right off the bat, and Aaron did too. He asked good questions and was a super nice, normal guy. Brent married into a family who owns a Ford store in St. Louis, and he was wanting to learn as much as he could.

Since that time, he and Aaron talk on the phone probably every day. But, my favorite thing to come out of what was initially a business relationship: our friendship with Brent and his family. Brent decided I needed to meet his wife, Sara (and their daughter, Layla), and it was really love at first meet. I have come to love this entire fam, and I’m so thankful for them.

So, yes, when Aaron and Brent get together, they do talk business, but we try to make it out to St. Louis to see them as much as possible. It’s easiest for Aaron and I to travel there since we don’t have kids – and they now have two. 🙂 If you read my Sea Island, Georgia post (part I and part II), they are the fam we traveled with.

I realize this was a very long prelude to what Aaron and I were up to last year, but it will make sense in a second. We went to St. Louis to visit Brent and Sara because she had a brand new baby boy the previous October, so we had to meet the newest addition.

St. Louis

We flew in on a Friday, and the whole fam was there to pick us up at the airport. It’s always a food tour when we get together so we started off our weekend at Carl’s, which was delicious burgers and fries! We stayed in that night and played games and got ready for our day of fun on Saturday!

City museum | St. Louis
The outside of the City Museum. Some of the tunnels and slides extend outside the building.

We had been talking about going to the City Museum for awhile. It’s this awesome museum that’s fun for adults and kids. It has tunnels and slides (reallllly tall slides) and caves and passageways, and is really just a neat place to explore. You could spend hours there!

City museum | St. Louis

One of my favorite parts about the museum, was the spinning tops.

spinning tops | city museum

I’ll let you see for yourself, but I felt like a kid again.

If you are ever in St. Louis, this is really a recommended stop. We had so much fun!

Day 3

On our last day there, we decided to visit the newly-opened St. Louis Aquarium. While it’s not a huge aquarium, it was pretty neat. They have a blue lobster, which was cool to see. It also has a lot of interactive exhibits where you can pet the stingrays and other various animals.

St. Louis aquarium | blue lobster

They had sharks! They had it all.

St. Louis

We ate out last dinner at a really delicious Italian restaurant, and Aaron and I were off on the airplane. I am so thankful we got out to go see them last January, because it was the only time we would get to see them that year. By the time we got back to Houston, we had about one more month of normalcy before COVID-19 began shutting everything down. So, here’s to getting to see our friends who don’t live in the same cities in 2021!


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