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The Bachelor Recap: Episode 4

I’m back today recapping episode four of The Bachelor. You can read my previous recaps here.

THE BACHELOR – Sarah. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

We ended last week with Sarah eliminating herself. Week 4 starts off with the evening portion of the group date, and Chelsea gets the rose. Meanwhile, there is a little convo between Katie and Queen Victoria back at the house. Katie is officially one of my favorite. I love the way that she expresses herself in such a mature, non-antagonistic way.

Cocktail Party

We are at the cocktail party, and Matt is enjoying his time with the ladies, when Chris Harrison interrupts his conversation with Queen Victoria (tell me that wasn’t planned).

Serena is everyone when she runs over to spy from the window. Chris takes Matt to the front of the property and announces that more women are showing up. Are we surprised at this point? This is the clip they have been teasing this entire time.

He meets five new women:

  1. Brittany (who comes in and takes the bull by the horns – she goes right in for that kiss). Obviously, this did not sit well with the other women to put it lightly.
  2. Michelle. A teacher from Minnesota. She seems sweet, and I love her dress.
  3. Ryan.
  4. Kimberly.
  5. Catalina, former Miss Puerto Rico. Who promptly has her crown stolen by Queen Victoria.

Buckle up, Matt. The original group of women are shook. He comes in to talk to the group of women and immediately gets stolen by Victoria.

Anna recognizes Brittany immediately, and I’m sure there is more to come on that. Out of the new arrivals, four of the women receive roses – and Kimberly does not. Matt sends three woman home total: Kaili, Khaylah and Kimberly.

The Group Date

Chris Harrison drops in to talk to the woman and drops off a date card. Mari, Bri, Abigail, Brittany, Ryan, Catalina, Magi, Anna and Victoria are all going on the group date.

Ben Higgins | Bachelor episode 4

The OG Ben Higgins stops in to give Matt some advice and lead the group date. They are participating in the “Fall in Love Fest.”

fall in love fest | the bachelor

They have these women rowing across the water in pumpkin boats, dressing up as squirrels … and whatever else they have dreamt up. Poor Magi got stranded in her pumpkin boat.

THE BACHELOR – Brittany. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Anna spills the beans to Victoria that Brittany could be an escort. Oh boy – those types of accusations are pretty bold without any facts to back them up. He gives our girl, Bri, the group date rose.

One on One Date with Michelle

the bachelor | hot air balloon

Matt and Michelle go on an extreme scavenger hunt for their date. The scavenger hunt ends in an air balloon. Matt seems to really be enjoying his time with Michelle. I’m going out on a limb here, but this seems to be the most he’s enjoyed himself on a date so far. Michelle gets a rose.

Group Date

While Matt and Michelle are on their date, the next group date card arrives. They are going to Battle for the Bachelor on this date. They had to put on their boxing gloves and go at it in the ring. No thank you. We end this week’s episode with Katie telling Matt that he needs to address the rumors going on in the house with the women.


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