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Weekend Recap: New House Edition

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

Hope your week is off to a nice and productive start. The weather is beautiful here in Houston. I think it’s a bit too warm to call it official “Fall weather,” but I guess it will have to do. This weekend was all about assembling furniture, welcoming a houseguest and a really interesting turn of events in our yard (and also lots more unpacking).

Let me back up by about four years to when Aaron and I first got married. We just kind of merged our things and never went through the hassle of sorting and getting rid of our doubles. Well, fast forward to this move, and we realized we needed to go through and donate tons of things. We’ve donated to our faith center at the church, we’ve sold some nicer furniture and we have taken lots of items to Goodwill. We feel so much lighter. As humans, I think we tend to hold onto things that have sentimental value at the time, but years go by, and the value is really in the memories (at least that’s what I’ve discovered).

We are still in the process of going through some of furniture that we intend to replace slowly to update for the new house, but we needed some things immediately. Like some pantry storage. This is what the former owners used, and I went ahead and bought that exact same model off of Amazon.

It arrived Friday, and we had it assembled by Saturday night. My in-laws helped us move, and I wanted to get the house to a decent spot before we had anyone over. So, Friday night, our friend, new neighbor (he lives about five minutes away) and our lender came over for dinner! He brought the wine and we provided the food!

We went on a 20-mile bike ride Saturday morning on the new trails by our house. I’m going to really look forward to exploring more of these trails over the next couple of months.

I assembled my new office chairs and my office rug arrived. I bought these chairs and this rug. Sawyer has already made himself right at home in my office, which is coming right along.

And Sunday morning is when things started to get really exciting in the new neighborhood. We had just finished watching church online, and I saw our neighbor come to the door. He had a shovel and boots. So, I sent Aaron out to find out what happened. As it turns out – we had a coral snake (that’s a major danger noodle!!!) just slithering across our front yard, so he killed it for us (I’ll spare you the photos). Thank goodness. If you aren’t familiar with the rhyme: “Red on yellow – kill a fellow; red on black – friend of jack.” This had red on yellow all over it. I’m terrified of snakes, so this gives me a pass on yardwork for awhile :).

Hope you have a fantastic week. I’m thinking of making this pumpkin bread tonight when I wrap things up to get myself in the Fall mood.

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